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Nautilus Reels Celebrates Bristol Bay Protections at the White House

MIAMI (May 26, 2023) — On May 11, 2023, Nautilus Reels’ Kristen Mustad was invited to the White House to participate in a celebration to recognize protections for Bristol Bay, Alaska. The small gathering included representatives from companies that have been outspoken about Pebble Mine over the years, along with Native American leaders and regional stakeholders. The event included an address and comments from President Biden, celebrating protections of Bristol Bay through the Clean Water Act.

This was the second time Nautilus Reels was invited to the White House. In 2020, the company was honored by President Trump at the Spirit of America Showcase event, which brought attention to industry-leading companies that manufacture in the United States. Nautilus’ Kristen Mustad and Charlotte Gonzalez used this as an opportunity to raise concerns about conservation issues directly with the Trump Administration by bringing custom reels that highlighted efforts to save the Everglades and to protect Bristol Bay.

Shortly after, Nautilus was among those that were excited that through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Trump Administration put in place hurdles for the permitting process for the mine and later denied the mine permit.

“Politics is a dirty sport and can be very divisive. But businesses and people from all sides of the political spectrum came together over the past couple of decades to save Bristol Bay, and the project was shut down multiple times only to come back again and again,” states Kristen Mustad, president of Nautilus Reels. “I truly hope that this is the end of it, for good.” 

After years of being outspoken, raising awareness, calling anglers to action, and helping raise funds for this effort, Nautilus Reels was honored to be invited to the White House to celebrate protections of Bristol Bay.

Nautilus Reels is grateful for all those who have worked tirelessly to protect Bristol Bay.

About Nautilus Reels:

Nautilus Reels produces an award-winning line of reels from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Nautilus is on the forefront of reel innovation and maintains a tradition of experience and excellence while continuously improving performance. For more information about Nautilus Reels, please visit their website and follow Nautilus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Westbank Anglers Announces Grand Reopening

WILSON, Wyo. (May 8, 2023) — Westbank Anglers is pleased to announce that their grand reopening will take place on Friday, May 12, 2023. After several months of closure, Westbank Anglers is excited to unveil new renovations to their fly shop in Wilson, Wyoming.

A local partnership purchased Westbank Anglers at the end of 2022, and they have since taken on a comprehensive remodel while exploring new partnerships with gear manufacturers and other upgrades and additions to come.

“We look forward to preserving the legacy of the brand in its current location, while expanding offerings,” says Mike Dawes, Westbank’s managing partner. “One of those offerings is complete and we are extremely excited to open up the newly remodeled fly shop on May 12.”

The grand reopening will be from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, May 12, with food and drinks available from 3-7 p.m., with Roadhouse offering local beer. Westbank Anglers will also welcome guests and representatives from Farbank, Umpqua, Montana Fly Company, Airflo, and Patagonia. Patagonia will also bring some gear to raffle.

The team at Westbank Anglers is eager to see familiar faces and meet new friends at their grand reopening event while showcasing new gear and engaging in plenty of conversations about fly fishing in the region and throughout the world.

About Westbank Anglers:

Westbank Anglers opened in Jackson Hole in 1986 and has served as a premier fly shop, guide service, and travel agency in the decades since. Westbank Anglers offers guided fly fishing trips on the Snake, South Fork, Green, and New Fork rivers in addition to Yellowstone National Park and other area waters.

For more information about Westbank Anglers, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


RepYourWater Announces Spring 2023 Collection

ERIE, Colo. (Feb. 27, 2023) — RepYourWater is excited to announce their Spring 2023 Collection. This new collection is available now and includes a variety of the design-driven apparel and accessories on which RepYourWater has built their brand.  

“Our new Spring Collection continues to build on years of creative fly fishing design, offering more functional apparel and increasing products built from sustainable materials,” state RepYourWater co-founders Garrison and Corinne Doctor. “From new 100% recycled sun shirts and hoodies to crisp new hats and lifestyle accessories like drinkware and stickers, this collection has something for every angler. And as always, every RepYourWater purchase supports our conservation partners.”

Among the highlights of the collection, RepYourWater is excited to unveil new hat designs. Some new favorites are the Brown Trout Snacks and Rainbow Trout Snacks hats. New options in the low-profile and high-profile fits are also available to fit heads on both ends of the size spectrum. 

(images here)

Another addition for Spring 2023 is the Feather Fly Collection. This collection, which includes shirts, hats, drinkware, and a sticker, features a reproduction of the original drawing “Feather Dry Fly” from RepYourWater’s Garrison Doctor.

(images here)

Heading into the warmer months, RepYourWater will be adding to their Sun Shirts and Hoodies lineup. With two functional and comfortable fabrics to choose from, no angler can go wrong.  The 100% recycled polyester gives second life to plastic bottles, making these sun shirts and sun hoodies a perfect fishing shirt. They are incredibly light for the hottest days on a high mountain stream or out on the flats, and they are rated UPF 50+ and the ultralight fabric dries quickly in the majority of conditions.  

(images here)

The Merino Blend Sun Shirts, which won Best Men’s General Apparel at the 2022 International Fly Tackle Dealer New Product Awards, will be back in 2023 with brand new colors, designs, and the popular Retro Camo and Brown Snacks styles. The softness and functionality of merino and the lightweight features of polyester make this a perfect sun shirt and perfect base layer depending on the conditions. 

(image here)

For those looking to enjoy their favorite drink with fish and fishing-themed glasses, the Spring 2023 Collection also includes new drinkware. The new Feather Fly design will be available on a stemless wine glass and a beer glass, and Silver King and Big Bow artwork will be available on an old fashioned glass.

(image here)

To learn more about what’s new for Spring 2023 from RepYourWater, please visit

About RepYourWater:

Founded by husband and wife team Garrison and Corinne Doctor, RepYourWater is an apparel company dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers, hunters, outdoorsmen and women while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration.

For more information about RepYourWater, please visit their website and follow RepYourWater on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


The Organic Pro Artista Pro Series is Now Available from Breedlove Guitars

BEND, Ore. (Jan. 30, 2023) — Breedlove Guitars is pleased to announce that the new Organic Pro Artista Pro Seriesfrom the Organic Pro Collection is now available. Unveiled in November 2022, the Organic Pro Collection of guitars includes four different series. With the new Organic Pro Collection, sustainability and accessibility come together in a solid tonewood guitar for the professional musician at an accessible price. The Artista Pro Series, which boasts three models, stands out in the collection with its custom design, exotic Oregon myrtlewood, and accessible luxury.

The first thing most people notice about the Organic Pro Artista Pro Series guitars is the striking burnt amber burst finish that extends beyond the usual confines of the soundboard and explodes up the back of the neck. All solid myrtlewood back and sides deliver high energy with extraordinary tonal balance. To further boost that sound, we chose a European maple neck, which is denser than mahogany, and an Ovangkol fretboard with a pinless Delta bridge. Breedlove’s revolutionary, brand-new Cascade Bracing brings Custom Shop quality sound to every Breedlove guitar, and for these guitars, Breedlove used a European spruce top for responsive, powerful projection. No detail was spared in the design and build of these guitars, including brass inlays, Fishman Flex Plus-T Electronics, and a travel-ready hardshell case. These are truly top-of-the-line guitars that sound as lovely as they look.

The Organic Pro Artista Pro Series includes three guitar models:

Artista Pro Concerto Burnt Amber CE European-Myrtlewood:

The sound you have always dreamt of owning in a guitar you can actually afford. The classic dreadnought combines spruce over rosewood, a pairing famed for deep bass, scooped mids, and bright trebles. The Artista Pro Concerto bends tradition into an even more distinctive large format guitar, one that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing sound or projection. Its all-solid Oregon myrtlewood back and sides boast that familiar rosewood thrum—as well as its blossom of overtones—tempered by a warmer middle and airy, strong trebles that balance every chord. A European spruce top drives and focuses that power and projection. This is a showpiece guitar you can take on the road. Decorated with our unique burnt amber burst finish that climbs from the soundboard up the back of the neck, flush with all Artista appointments—brass inlays, Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics, and a travel-ready hardshell case—this guitar stands atop the apex of the Organic Pro Collection.

Artista Pro Concert Burnt Amber CE European-Myrtlewood:

Elegance exemplified. The Artista Pro Concert checks every single box. The stunning look and high energy sound of all solid Oregon myrtlewood back and sides; the classic, rich sound of a European spruce top; our fully redesigned, brand new Cascade Bracing; the arresting look of a burnt amber burst finish that radiates out from the soundboard and climbs up the back of the European maple neck—all rolled into the versatile, time-tested Breedlove Concert body. Add in an ovangkol fretboard, Delta pinless bridge, and professional caliber Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics for an eminently playable work of art. You deserve a guitar that respects your dedication, expression, and talent. 

Artista Pro Concertina Burnt Amber CE European-Myrtlewood:

A connoisseur’s guitar, at an astonishingly affordable price. While the Artista series sits at the top of the Organic Pro line, it remains within reach, especially the Concertina. A short scale European maple neck joins the all-solid Oregon myrtlewood body and European spruce top at the twelfth fret, offering a combination of easy playability, expressive tone, and visual beauty. Small body guitars—long treasured by serious players—are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover the size and depth of sound that can come from a comfortable instrument. The Artista Pro Concertina Burnt Amber CE—with its arresting burnt amber burst finish on both the soundboard and up the back of the neck—is an investment in joy. Experience the Breedlove difference at its finest!

“We are so excited to launch the new Artista Pro Series, designed for the professional player,” states Angela Christensen, head product designer at Breedlove. “All solid myrtlewood back and sides paired with a high-grade European spruce top, the Artista Pro models offer incredible tonal balance with a strong presence and are ready for the studio or stage. Classy and distinguished, the brass inlays, walnut rosette and burnt amber burst finish make this guitar look as good as it sounds.”

All Solid Tonewoods. Fully Sustainable Sources. Professional Performance. Affordable Prices. The new Organic Pro Collection.

About Breedlove Guitars:

For more than 30 years, Breedlove has been on the forefront of guitar innovation. With the goal of superior sound and sustainable exotic tonewoods, Breedlove has followed the lead of musicians and builders, designing trusted, quality instruments for a new era at their home in Bend, Oregon. 

For more information about Breedlove, please visit their website and follow Breedlove on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


Breedlove Guitars Announces Their New Organic Pro Collection

BEND, Ore. (Nov. 1, 2022) — Breedlove Guitars is pleased to announce their new acoustic Organic Pro Collection. With the new Organic Pro Collection, sustainability and accessibility come together in a solid tonewood guitar for the professional musician at an accessible price.

Breedlove’s pursuit of acoustic excellence starts in their Custom Shop in Bend, Oregon. All the innovative research and development comes from the work they do, the creations they build, and the lessons they learn making custom guitars in the USA. But those benefits aren’t confined to their exclusive, top-tier custom builds. They apply the knowledge their master luthiers and designers gather across the entire Breedlove catalog — and you can see that they combined the art, science, and ethos of their legendary American ingenuity into the redesigned Organic Pro Collection. 

Knowing they had built the first affordable, sustainable solid tonewood acoustic guitars on the market, Breedlove wanted to make them sound even closer to the showpieces from their Custom Shop. They found the answer through years of hand-voicing their USA-built instruments, meticulously sculpting the bracing on each guitar, and compiling all the data for each and every instrument they built. The updated Organic Pro Collection features their exclusive Cascade Bracing, which allows all their affordable production guitars to achieve consistent target frequencies resulting from the research and development process of Sound Optimization. 

Next, they updated the electronics to effectively capture the clear and outstanding sound quality of these precision-built guitars. Breedlove partnered with Fishman to bring sleek and understated professional sound right at your fingertips. All new Organic Pros include Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics. The result is an extensive line of guitars that look, feel, and sound closer to a custom build than any other acoustic on the market with a much more approachable price tag. 

Breedlove’s new Organic Pro Collection fills a couple significant gaps in the market. Hobbyists and amateur players can step into an all-solid tonewood guitar without paying solid wood pricing. Gigging musicians can afford to put them through the rigors of the road and still sound like they’re playing treasured collection pieces. Everyone who buys one of these guitars can also feel good about being kind to our world’s forests because Breedlove will not use any clear-cut tonewoods. Ever.

“Protecting the world’s forests and choosing fair trade practices through my purchases is important to me,” states Angela Christensen, head product designer at Breedlove. “Now with the new Breedlove Organic Pro Collection, there is finally an option that most discerning musicians can afford, without compromising on looks and features.” 

All Solid Tonewoods. Fully Sustainable Sources. Professional Performance. Affordable Prices. The new Organic Pro Collection.

About Breedlove Guitars:

For more than 30 years, Breedlove has been on the forefront of guitar innovation. With the goal of superior sound and sustainable exotic tonewoods, Breedlove has followed the lead of musicians and builders, designing trusted, quality instruments for a new era at their home in Bend, Oregon. 

For more information about Breedlove, please visit their website and follow Breedlove on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


RepYourWater Announces Season III of the Fishing Stories Podcast

ERIE, Colo. (June 7, 2022) — RepYourWater is pleased to announce a new season of their Fishing Stories Podcast. Brought to you by RepYourWater and Locke and Co Whiskey, Season III of Fishing Stories features conversations and stories with compelling figures in the world of fly fishing.

“After a long hiatus, we are back with new guests and awesome stories from the water,” state RepYourWater co-founders Garrison and Corinne Doctor. “From Iceland to Oman, Brazil to the Florida Everglades, this season features stories from guests including Paula Shearer, Capt. Benny Blanco, April Vokey, Rodrigo Salles, Katka Svagrova, and many more. We are very excited to share these conversations with you.”

Launched in mid-2020, Fishing Stories is RepYourWater’s podcast co-hosted by Garrison and Corinne Doctor. Season III premieres Tuesday, June 7, 2022, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday. And for those who are new to the podcast, Seasons I and II are currently available.

Fishing Stories is available wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to stay connected. To learn more, visit:

About RepYourWater:

Founded by husband-and-wife team Garrison and Corinne Doctor, RepYourWater is an apparel company dedicated to providing uniquely-designed, top-quality gear for anglers, hunters, and outdoors enthusiasts while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration.

For more information about RepYourWater, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Sight Line Provisions Announces the Chroma Collection

AUSTIN, Texas (March 29, 2022) — Sight Line Provisions is pleased to announce the Chroma Collection — a new offering inspired by the colors we see in the wild.

After the overwhelming success of Sight Line Provisions’ (SLP) past “fresh powder” limited-edition pieces, the Chroma Collection brings a pop of color to SLP’s most popular designs and offers retailers an exciting new product.

“With this collection, I wanted to give my designs that extra punch that sometimes only a bold color palette can provide,” states Edgar Diaz, designer and founder of Sight Line Provisions. “My reasons for creating this collection are pretty straight forward — I wanted to expand my range of expression from brown and silver and connect a specific design with the color that represents it.”

The Chroma Collection brings new colors to seven selected badge designs for 2022. These pieces will feature powder coated stainless steel badges on special colored Horween leathers unique to the year released. For this initial launch, SLP will offer Tarpon in flats blue, Redfish in vermillion, Trout in steely gray, Tectonic Rush in spruce green, Mountain Bike in fresh air mint, Antler Shed in sage green, and Flash in goldenrod. These are the first of many new colors coming to the Chroma Collection with 2023 additions to be announced later this year.

All pieces in the Chroma Collection are handmade at SLP Studios in Austin, Texas, and the collection is available now to SLP retailers starting March 30 and later this spring on the Sight Line Provisions website.

Learn more:

About Sight Line Provisions:

Sight Line Provisions is inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what we see in our “Sight Line” is personal and most often what makes our time on the water or in the field special. These designs are symbols of our shared passion for nature and the thrill of seeing wildlife in their element. Whether you are a photographer, fisher, hunter or hiker, we all share those unexpected moments in the wild that speak directly to our soul. For more information about Sight Line Provisions, please visit our website and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

RepYourWater Announces Spring 2022 Collection

ERIE, Colo. (March 2, 2022) — RepYourWater is pleased to announce their Spring 2022 Collection. From technical apparel to hats and more, the Spring Collection expands RepYourWater’s offerings with a wide variety of new products.

“The Spring 2022 Collection is the perfect blend of what has been the base of RepYourWater since our inception in 2011 and the product and design innovation we’ve had over the last 11 years,” state RepYourWater co-founders Garrison and Corinne Doctor. “Unique designs that show your passion for your favorite place to fish, species to target or fishing method still shine with some of our new favorite pieces like the Colorado Hopper hat and tee, the Montana Native hat, and the Shallow Water Brookie hat. What sets this collection apart from years past is the innovation behind our polyester/merino blend sun shirts and hoodies, the unique take on our Waterside Tote, and the second generation of our Hybrid Shirt.”

RepYourWater is excited for anglers to get out on the water in their new Merino Wool Blend Sun Shirts and Hoodies. The softness of this merino wool and polyester blend is perfect for a single layer of sun protection or as the ideal base layer on cooler days. The merino provides anti-microbial, odor reducing, moisture wicking and quick dry properties while also adding softness to the polyester. These shirts and hoodies will be available in several colors and graphics options.

For anglers seeking sun protection and comfort, the Hybrid Fishing Shirt is an ultra-light, vented back, breathable button down fishing shirt with a hood. An already popular shirt from RepYourWater, the Hybrid Fishing Shirt will be available in three new colors — gray, sand, and olive/gray.

The Waterside Gear Tote, an all-new item from RepYourWater, makes prepping and organizing for a day trip or extended adventure simple. Three convertible compartments make it easy to bring along boots, waders, extra layers, a fishing pack, and any other gear you need. The gear loops on the side can be used to carry along a net or additional tools. The open top makes packing and accessing items easy, and the floor of the boot and wader compartment folds out into a mat to use while getting suited up.

RepYourWater’s Old Fashioned Glasses feature fly fishing and hunting-themed art and are a great way to show your passions while enjoying your favorite drink. Brown Trout, Brook Trout, and Riser designs are new additions for 2022.

Co-founder and designer Garrison Doctor’s Trout Country design will now be available on a variety of Spring 2022 pieces, including a hat, sun hoody, fishmask, and more.

Garrison Doctor’s Swing Squatch Repeat art depicts sasquatch fishing with a Spey rod. This design will now be available on a hat, T-shirt, and sticker.

RepYourWater first became known for offering a wide variety of hats that highlight fish species and U.S. states. Among the new offerings for 2022, the Colorado Hopper hat and tee pays tribute to hopper fishing in Colorado, and the Montana Native hat features a native cutthroat trout. For brook trout lovers, the Shallow Water Native Brookie hat includes a colorful brook trout design.

To learn more about what’s available from RepYourWater, please visit

About RepYourWater:

Founded by husband and wife team Garrison and Corinne Doctor, RepYourWater is an apparel company dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers, hunters, outdoorsmen and women while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration.

For more information about RepYourWater, please visit their website and follow RepYourWater on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Indifly Funds Makhangoa Solar Project

SAINT PAUL, Minn. (May 19, 2021) — Indifly is pleased to announce the Makhangoa Solar Project — a recent initiative that brought electricity to the Makhangoa Community Camp in Lesotho (Africa).

Last year Indifly created a social impact fund to provide immediate impacts to communities in need. After months of planning, Indifly fully funded the purchase and installation of 65 life-changing solar kits. The kits, which include a battery, inverter, solar module, four lamps, FM radio, USB ports, and a cell phone charger set, are providing 59 households with electricity for the first time ever. An additional six solar kits were purchased for the school and will be installed at a later date.

Makhangoa village is a small community situated on the banks of the Bokong River in the Katse district of Lesotho. The community leads a basic lifestyle, mostly living by subsistence farming and fishing. In 2012, African Waters, a South African fly fishing operator, identified the Bokong River as a potential fishery and approached the community with a plan for partnership. Since then, the Makhangoa Community Camp has become a world-renowned fishing destination, generating a substantial economy for the people of Makhangoa while employing a large portion of the village. This successful model has generated enough income for the people of Makhangoa to improve their livelihoods, but the community was still lacking a basic human need — electricity. The dream to give solar power to the village was born, Indifly teamed up with African Waters, and the Makhangoa Solar Project was set in motion.

“What started off as a fly fishing endeavor has grown into a life-changing community project. For me, to see a small village in rural Africa be empowered through fly fishing is really heart warming,” says Indifly’s Johann Du Preez, who is managing the project and documenting it in a new film. “African Waters and Indifly brought light to the community of Makhangoa, and I am excited to see what the future holds for this amazing group of people.”

“The Makhangoa solar project has not only added significant improvements to the daily lives of Makhangoa villagers, the timing of the project has bolstered morale in the village as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic,” adds Keith Clover, director of African Waters.

For Makhangoa Council Member Elias Ntlele, gratitude for the efforts were shared throughout the community. “Really this project is of high benefit to us, and the villagers were very happy about this,” he says. “And they also said that if Mr. Keith was a politician, we would elect him as Prime Minister of this country, because what he says he implements.”

“We are honored to partner with African Waters to provide what many consider a basic human need (electricity) to the Makhangoa community,” adds Indifly Executive Director Matt Shilling. “Now more than ever, we all need to think about how we can support and empower the custodians of 80 percent of the world’s remaining biodiversity.”

Those interested in supporting Indifly’s social impact efforts can do so by joining the Indifly Corps or making a one-time donation.

About Indifly:

Indifly is a nonprofit organization that believes in a world in which Indigenous peoples are empowered and inspired by entrepreneurship and environmental stewardship. Using fly fishing as a tool for transforming the lives of Indigenous peoples and protecting valued environments, Indifly works to create sustainable local economies that empower communities to conserve natural resources. Current Indifly projects include Rewa, Guyana, Anaa Atoll, French Polynesia, Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho, and the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

For more information about Indifly, please visit and follow us on FacebookInstagramand Twitter.


Off the Grid Studios Announces “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” — A New Film from Off the Grid Studios and MeatEater Now Showing in the 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour

2021 F3T Trailer – “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo.

BEND, Oregon (March 29, 2021) — Off the Grid Studios is pleased to announce “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” — a new film that is now available to watch online in the virtual 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Produced in collaboration with MeatEater, the film deliberately spotlights a guarded, secret spot to potentially protect the river from a mine.

Throughout his guiding career, Tim Landwehr has gone out of his way to keep attention off the Menominee River. As far as he was concerned, this special smallmouth bass river would only be ruined by widespread attention. But with the threat of a new mine that could forever harm this river and ecosystem, Tim decided now is the time to put the Menominee on the map.

For Off the Grid Studios’ RA Beattie, the film project was meaningful on many levels. “Our team feels honored to have had the opportunity to work on this film with MeatEater and Tim and the crew from Tight Lines,” states RA. “We hope this project helps to implement real change and protect and preserve the ecology of this area to give future generations the chance to see this amazing fishery in an uncompromised state.”

For MeatEater’s Joe Cermele, the narrator and one of the anglers in the film, putting a spotlight on a secret spot raises an interesting question for all anglers. “There’s no such thing as a secret spot anymore, but most anglers still believe they have one, even if ‘secret’ these days just means not fished as heavily as other places,” says Cermele. “This film puts the value of a ‘secret spot’ in question and asks anglers to imagine that the only way to save their secret spot was to tell the world about it. What would they do?”

And for writer Miles Nolte, the film project was worthwhile for numerous reasons. “There’s a fine line spot burner and conservationist. Burning a secret spot is the ultimate taboo in modern fishing … unless it’s in the name of conservation,” Nolte says. “In that case, it’s totally cool to score a free trip to some sensitive fishery, rope giant fish on camera, and tell the whole world about it.”

“A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” is the 18th film from Off the Grid Studios/Beattie Outdoors Productions in the Fly Fishing Film Tour since the event began 15 years ago.

This film was written and produced by Miles Nolte and also produced by RA Beattie, Tim Harden, Steven Rinella, Annie Banks Raser, and Samantha Bates. Camera and audio work was by Paul Bourcq, Bryan Gregson, Troy Hermes, and Clint Bartlett. “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” stars Joe Cermele and Tim Landwehr.

About Off the Grid Studios:

Off the Grid Studios is a network of talented people from around the world who take the creative process from concept to fruition. From content creation to marketing, the Off the Grid Studios team has been delivering creative storytelling for more than a decade.

For more information about Off the Grid Studios, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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