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TroutHunter Announces New Revolutionary EVO Nylon Tippet

NEW TroutHunter EVO NYLON TIPPET from TroutHunter on Vimeo.

ISLAND PARK, Idaho (July 23, 2018) — TroutHunter is pleased to announce the release of their new revolutionary EVO Nylon Tippet. Adding new technology to an iconic brand, TroutHunter’s EVO Nylon Tippet pushes the boundaries of tippet design to bring forth a cutting-edge new product.

With the EVO tippet, TroutHunter makes improvements over their existing nylon through the proper application of a new proprietary organic coating. The result is much stronger knot strength achieved with no noticeable increase in diameter. Overall, the knot strength is either comparable or superior to many of the same sizes of fluorocarbon.

Additional benefits to TroutHunter’s new coating can be found on the water. The coating adds a measure of durability in combating abrasion while also repelling water, so the nylon will float better than previous nylons. In addition, once the package is open, the coating will protect the material from water and humidity that will enter the spools from normal use, thereby adding to the useful life of the purchase.

Another stand-out feature of the new TroutHunter EVO Nylon Tippet is its nearly nonexistent memory. Even after the material has been tested or bunched up, the tippet can often recover its form with minimal memory. In the end, less time worrying about tippet means more time targeting fish.

The TroutHunter EVO Nylon Tippet retails for $9.95 and is available now at fly shops. Learn more here.

About TroutHunter:

Located in Island Park, Idaho, TroutHunter is a full-service fly shop, guide service, and lodge within view of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. Operating since 1999, TroutHunter also offers an entire line of proprietary products, including award-winning leaders and tippet and highly sought after tying materials.

For more information about TroutHunter, please visit their website and follow TroutHunter on FacebookInstagramand Twitter.


Photos: Please credit Will Phelps/Bryan Gregson Photography

Off the Grid Studios Launches The Scorpion Trilogy: “Scorpion Expedition,” “Frontera Norte” and “Corazón”


BEND, Oregon (April 30, 2018) — Throughout the month of May 2018, Off the Grid Studios, in conjunction with The Orvis Company, will be celebrating the first public release of the fly fishing film “Corazón.” To honor the release, Off the Grid Studios will engage in a month-long campaign focused on each of the three films in “The Scorpion Trilogy”— a collection of fly fishing movies roughly six years in the making.

The Scorpion Trilogy started in 2012 when an expedition to Scorpion Reef in the Gulf of Mexico was documented. This documentary-style film journey brought together fly anglers from the United States and Mexico to explore one of the most remote atolls in the Gulf. On behalf of The Orvis Company, the full-length film, “Scorpion Expedition,”will be released free to the public on May 9 for 48 hours on Amazon and Vimeo.

Following “Scorpion Expedition,” the crew members embarked on another trip into the remote wilderness — this time to a hyper-remote Alaskan river. In the film, “Frontera Norte,” the Mexican national known throughout the angling world as “Sandflea” emerges as one of the central figures in the series with his notable and hilarious commentary about the dramatic northern adventure. This film will be released to the public for free on May 16 for 48 hours on Amazon and Vimeo.

On May 23 the final installment of the trilogy, “Corazón,” will be released for the first time to the public for free for 48 hours on Amazon and Vimeo. “Corazón” follows Mike Dawes from Jackson, Wyoming, to Sandflea’s island home in Holbox, Mexico. It’s here that viewers are granted a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life and friendship of an American pro angler and a Mexican fly fishing guide who became brothers united by a shared passion for the water.

The Scorpion Trilogy is sure to delight anglers from around the world with its cinematography, world-class fly fishing footage, dynamic storytelling, and humor. It provides a special look into some of the most remote and untouched natural places on the planet and reminds us that we all have more in common than we might think.


About Off the Grid Studios:

Off the Grid Studios is a network of talented people from around the world who take the creative process from concept to fruition. From content creation to marketing, the Off the Grid Studios team has been delivering creative storytelling for more than a decade.

For more information about Off the Grid Studios, please visit their website and follow Off the Grid Studios on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Trout Unlimited and Untamed Angling Come Together for a Special Trip to the Rio Marié

[vimeo 226218088 w=640 h=360]

Kirk Deeter on Rio Marié from Rio Marié on Vimeo.

REDDING, Calif. (August 1, 2017) — Trout Unlimited (TU) and Untamed Angling are joining forces to create a special trip to the Brazilian Amazon to fly fish for peacock bass at Rio Marié. From October 26 though November 2, 2017, the two organizations are partnering to offer world-class fly fishing that supports the native community and its ecosystem. The trip, and possibly those anglers who join, will be documented in an upcoming book on jungle fly fishing by Kirk Deeter — a well-published writer and the editor of TU’s Trout Magazine.

In just three seasons, the Rio Marié has emerged as a unique destination for fly fishing for peacock bass. It’s scientifically proven that the river is home to more trophy peacock bass than any other river in Brazil, and anglers can also enjoy access to 500 miles of catch and release, fly fishing only water.


“The Amazon isn’t new to the angling scene, but the addition of this fly fishing only, trophy peacock bass fishery is the most significant addition to the sport in a decade,” explains Mike Michalak of The Fly Shop — the exclusive booking agency for Rio Marié. “When Kirk Deeter and TU climb into their float plane in Manaus, they’ll be heading for the new fly fishing frontier. When they touch down on the Rio Marié, they expect to find and fight the biggest peacock bass in the world.”

Untamed Angling also has a special relationship with the native Indians, which allows for exclusive access to the Rio Marié. Untamed Angling offers them support in return, with portions of each trip going to the local people to help preserve their culture and traditions.

Beyond supporting the native communities and ecosystem, portions of this trip will also support Trout Unlimited, and the far-reaching benefits are substantial. “Untamed Angling is proud of this new partnership with The Fly Shop and Trout Unlimited,” states Rodrigo Salles of Untamed Angling. “Our top commitments are environmental conservation efforts and our social responsibility for the indigenous tribes of the Amazon in the areas we work. TU’s mission and concept for North American trout streams are same as ours with Amazon jungle rivers and fish species. We’re really glad to have the very first TU hosted trip with our friend Kirk Deeter under this model launching at Rio Marié.”

About Untamed Angling:

Founded in 2001 by Marcelo Pérez, Untamed Angling takes a unique approach to destination fly fishing by combining catch and release fly fishing in exclusive areas with a significant social benefit to local populations and the preservation of natural resources.
This model project allows Untamed to explore the best areas for fishing while supporting local communities, cultures, and ecosystems. For more information about Untamed Angling, please visit their 
website and follow Untamed Angling on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Xplor Boatworks Brings Innovative Approach to Design with X18 Skiff


COLUMBIA, S.C. (August 1, 2017) — Xplor Boatworks is pleased to announce the X18 — a boat that delivers revolutionary design and performance to modern skiffs.

With a utilitarian approach to design that considers the needs of anglers for a wide range of applications, the X18 offers superior performance and features that make this boat ready for adventure and exploration.

The Xplor X18 skiff is comprised of a vinyl ester resin and is built to specification. Xplor customizes the consoles of these boats, cutting them to the specific owner’s height specifications and desired cockpit placement and layout. Recognizing that not all anglers are the same and neither are their on-the-water needs, Xplor’s unique approach to design delivers customization that ultimately leads to the performance and experience each owner desires.

The X18 drafts only six inches and weighs approximately 700 pounds when moderately equipped. Designed from the ground up to handle massive amounts of weight and still float extremely shallow, the X18 is ready for everything from distance overnight trips with gear to backcountry exploration on shallow flats. With expeditions in mind, the X18 also has substantial storage areas under the bow platform, and the rear deck can accommodate a wide range of gear. And with a large interior cockpit, anglers won’t feel cramped and can also easily access gear. The Xplor X18 can be set up with either a tiller or console design, and this boat can be built as basic or outfitted as the owner desires.

Xplor has designed the X18 to be versatile for a range of needs and applications all while giving its passengers a remarkably soft, dry ride. “I’ve run this skiff in a lot of different conditions from miles offshore to the flats and creeks, and every time I run it, I am more and more impressed with what it will do,” states Xplor founder Frankie Marion. “From taking the family to the sandbar to polling a shallow flat, it’s extremely versatile and will fit into about any situation thrown at it.”

Accommodating four anglers, the Xplor X18 is 18’4” with a beam of 84” and a transom height of 20”. The recommended power is 50hp – 90hp, and it has a fuel capacity of 20/25 gallons.

About Xplor Boatworks:

Founded by Frankie Marion, Xplor Boatworks builds boats for purpose that are simple yet ready to meet the high-performance standards of owners. For more information about Xplor Boatworks, please visit their website and follow Xplor on Facebook and Instagram.


Nautilus Reels Announces New GTX Reel Series


MIAMI (July 10, 2017) — New for 2018, the GTX from Nautilus Reels is in a class of its own. Designed to be fished beyond IGFA regulations, this reel is equipped to go head-to-head with your terminal tackle, and with a maximum drag of 25 pounds, the GTX is built to put the brakes on the fastest and strongest fish on the planet.

The GTX is a 5-inch diameter reel with a narrow 1.1-inch wide spool that holds 500 yards of 60 pound braid. The spool is lightweight and intricately machined with our Giga spool design to promote strength, maximum line pickup, and fast line drying to prevent corrosion when stored.

The GTX brake is a brand new design that is best described as a hybrid NV-G/CCF-X2/X-Series drag on steroids. It features a new pressure spring that is sandwiched between two aluminum discs that rotate in unison, which applies even pressure to the drag surfaces.

The new dual drag surface features an oversized carbon fiber disc on one side and a cork/Kevlar®/carbon fiber hybrid on the other. The cork acts as a compression material to ensure a smooth drag transition while the carbon fiber delivers the market-leading overall smoothness that Nautilus Reels is known for. The new Kevlar® mid layer provides additional rigidity to the drag surface and spreads the pressure more evenly across the surface, insulating any heat generated by friction and dampening vibrations for the smoothest perceived drag on the market.

The Nautilus Reels GTX delivers 8.7 ounces of optimized fighting power at an MSRP of $1300. Available in Black or Silver.

About Nautilus Reels:

Nautilus Reels produces an award-winning line of reels from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Nautilus is on the forefront of reel innovation and maintains a tradition of experience and excellence while continuously improving performance. For more information about Nautilus Reels, please visit their website and follow Nautilus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Nautilus Reels Unveils Limited Edition Classic Reel


MIAMI (July 9, 2017) — Nautilus Reels is pleased to announce the new limited edition Classic. Reminiscent of the FWX Series and featuring a full back frame reel like the traditional Nautilus reels, the Classic offers the classic Nautilus look while delivering the performance of the award-winning X-Series drag system.

Introduced as a limited edition of 500 reels, the Classic comes in XM and XLMax sizes, and it comes standard with the Nautilus Hooker and a custom black spool release. The Classic XM frame accepts the spools from the standard XM reels, and the Classic XLMax accepts both the XL and XLMax spools from the standard XL and XLMax reels.

The Nautilus Reels Classic XM weighs only 4.3 ounces and will be available at an MSRP of $335, and the Classic XLMax weighs 4.9 ounces and will be available for $445. Color options are Black or Silver.

About Nautilus Reels:

Founded by Kristen Mustad, Nautilus Reels produces an award-winning line of reels from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Nautilus is on the forefront of reel innovation and maintains a tradition of experience and excellence while continuously improving performance. For more information about Nautilus Reels, please visit their website and follow Nautilus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Nautilus Reels to Offer Customized No Pebble Mine Reel to Support Bristol Bay


MIAMI (March 17, 2017) — Recognizing the enduring challenge of defending watersheds and resources, Nautilus Reels is pleased to support the efforts of Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program and their work to protect Bristol Bay and the related ecosystems of the region with a unique customized reel.

Nautilus has created a one-of-a-kind CCF-X2 reel that features artwork and customized colors that center around opposition to the proposed Pebble Mine. Nautilus Reels aims to make a statement against Pebble Mine with the custom reel while also gathering more support for No Pebble Mine efforts. With this in mind, this unique reel will be given away to one lucky winner who signs up for Trout Unlimited’s email list at between now and June 15, 2017.

Nautilus Reels is eager to help defeat the proposed mine. “The threat to Bristol Bay that Pebble Mine brings is a threat to the heart of fly fishing for salmon,” says Nautilus owner Kristen Mustad. “Nautilus Reels recognizes the need of the fly fishing community to come together to protect this area.”

With more anglers behind the cause of saving Bristol Bay, Nautilus believes we can defeat this threat to one of the fly fishing community’s most treasured ecosystems.


About Nautilus Reels:

Founded by Kristen Mustad, Nautilus Reels produces an award-winning line of reels from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Nautilus is on the forefront of reel innovation and maintains a tradition of experience and excellence while continuously redefining performance. For more information about Nautilus Reels, please visit their website and follow Nautilus on FacebookInstagramand Twitter.



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